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iibso is a Somali word that loosely translates to ‘sell’. Our client approached us with a unique proposition, they wanted a platform that will allow small and large business owners to sell their products with ease to a larger UNLIMITED online audience that goes beyond the physical store. Having carefully heard and understood the needs of the client, our team at MaSt Solutions proceeded to deliver a 3 in 1 ingenious solution that allows uses to sell anything including cars, lands, houses, and property. We hereby are proud of the outcome. Client satisfaction has always been a priority at MaSt Solutions.

The Design Process;

  1. After preliminary meetings with the client, our team takes 5 days to develop a beta concept for the clients approval.
  2. The result feedback from the client will determine whether a redesig will be needed or we proceed with the initial concept, more often if not always, we always get the green light on the first take :), and YES we are that good.
  3. After approval we take the next 5 days to fix every dead link and upload approved content on the site, set up all necessary intergrations and do a stress test to ensure the site is ready for launch and for the public to have unlimited access to it.
  4. The next step is usually the handover where we hand over admin rights, documentation (where applicable) and any other site related contetn over to the client getting rady for the launch.
  5. Finally we hel the clinet launch the product through our sister company, thebrandenergy. We design creatives for the client that will be used for the big day and we also provide seconary support for the client. Apart from that we also do a soft launch on behalf of the client through our partners at StarNews to ensure a successful launch.

That’s the MaSt Process.

So what are you waiting for head iibso.co.ke and experience UNBEATABLE DEALS!

Here’s our kicker, having a website for your business in this day and age for your business is not only paramount but necessary. A website will do te following things for you;

  1. A website is your first salesman, in this day and age, consumers tend to rely more on digital mediums to make a purchase. Google has been the go to ‘sales rep’ for any consumer purchase. Having a well optimized website will give you access to the millions of prospects who look for your services by ggogling first! Think about it!
  2. A website will sell your business and service 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year! No sales person will EVER do that for you. Your website is an investement that will forever serve you regardless of the tides and times.
  3. A website will open your business to an UNLIMITED world of possibilities. Having your business online gives you the right to sell to ANYONE and EVERYONE, all the socio economic barriers are broken. As a person in business this is one of the greates tool you’ll ever have or need!

In conclusion, if your business needs a Website MaSt Solutions is your go to company. We listen to your need and we craft solutions that SELL your business and brand to the world. Call us Today for a FREE CONSULTATION, 0722 449 559 OR 0722 693 228 

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