Economy For The Common Good, KENYA CHAPTER

Economy For The Common Good, KENYA CHAPTER

The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) is a comprehensive and coherent economic model and is being practiced in hundreds of businesses, universities, municipalities, and local chapters across Europe Africa and South America. It represents an alternative to both capitalism and communism. It emerges out of a holistic worldview and is based on “sovereign democracy, stronger democracy than exists today.


Rewarding “good” behavior, and making “poor” behavior more visible to the public and less profitable, will lead to a general paradigm shift at all levels of the economy. We will see more cooperation among business partners. We will see less uncontrolled, destructive growth, and companies will strive towards their optimal size. Business profits will increasingly be used to improve products, infrastructure, and working conditions and less for increasing dividends for investors, which widens the social divide.

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The Economy for the Common Good, Kenyan Local Chapter approached MaSt Solutions to develop for them a comprehensive corporate website that will communicate adequately what they do as a society.


Following the problem presented at hand, after wide consultations between the two teams we managed to bring their idea into life;

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