iibso.co.ke, buy and sell anything

iibso.co.ke, buy and sell anything

iibso.co.ke is an online platform that allows you to buy and sell anything. Leverage on this opportunity to add your products on the platform and get access to thousands of potential buyers and verified sellers.


iibso is a Somali word that loosely translates to 'sell'. Our client approached us with a unique proposition, they wanted a platform that will allow small and large business owners to sell their products with ease to a larger UNLIMITED online audience that goes beyond the physical store. Having carefully heard and understood the needs if the client, our team at MaSt Solutions proceeded to deliver a 3 in 1 ingenius solution that allows uses to sell anything including cars, lands, houses and property. We hereby are proud of the outcome. Client satsfaction ahs always been a priority. Head over to iibso.co.ke and experience UNBEATABLE DEALS!

Hours of work our team has taken to develop
Lines of Code
Engineers involved in the development
Messages sent for the project communication


iibso.co.ke was a concept delivered to the clients expectations and specifications by MaSt Solutions.


We managed to;

  • Design the website to the client specifications.
  • Host the client’s business emails.

VISIT THE SITE >>> www.iibso.co.ke